01 Dec
how to choose a wedding photographer explained by NJacobPhotography

Choosing The Right Photographer For Your Wedding

Unlike the other work you are getting from your wedding vendors like flowers, cake, and music, photography is not something you can taste, smell, feel or actually see when it is happening. The results are seen after the event. For this reason, you will need to be extra careful when you are choosing the right photographer for your wedding.

  1. First Settle On Style

Before you start the search for the right photographer to capture the important moments of your wedding, you need to settle on the style. This will be a giant step towards the right selection since you will cut down the list. Some of the common styles you might want to consider include documentary, portraiture, fine art and edgy bold.

  1. Do Your Homework

You do not just select a photographer and settle that issue. It is important that you do some background check. Go through reviews and check the potential photographer’s website for weddings they have already covered. You can get a lot from the website including the sensibility and personality of the photographer.

  1. Set Up Interviews

Selecting the wedding photographer is something that needs you to meet them in person.  This is because you can discuss a lot in person as compared to on the phone conversations.  You can get a chance to ask if they are available for your wedding date and if they are busy, you can ask if they have an associate that can deliver the same quality.

  1. Review A Full Wedding

Do not solely base your selection on the highlighted photographs you see on the gallery. Most of the photographers show their clients the best of the best which is why you need to look at a full album that has more than just the perfect picks.  

  1. Look at The Photographer’s Personality

You should not underestimate the power of bonding with your photographer.  If the photographer is excited about your project, then they will execute the style and your interests properly. Go for a professional who is social enough and courageous enough to go out of their way to take great images. The photographer should put you at ease and not make you feel under pressure or irritate you in any way. This is the kind of bonding that will result in great works of photography.

  1. Confirm The Shooter

There are many large studios that have multiple photographers and you might not get the photographer you thought you would. This is why it is important that you confirm that you are getting the lead photographer or one that you have bonded with. Go for the photographer you interviewed because you have already had a chance to connect with them.

  1. Cost

The price might be important but you should always put quality over cost. There is no point in paying less and getting bad quality. Go for quality first.

  1. Ask About Right and Prost Production Details

When signing the contract, get all the details in the fine print like the rights to the image. Make sure you negotiate a deal that works for both parties. Don’t forget to ask when the photos will be ready. In most cases, this should not take more than 2 months.

Selecting the best photographer for your wedding is as good as getting high-quality photos; make sure you do this carefully.